Next Generation Science Storylines

Across the country, districts, schools, and teachers are working on implementing a new vision for science classrooms based on the Framework for K-12 Science and NGSS: classrooms in which teachers support students in science and engineering practices to build and use science ideas to explain real phenomena and solve real problems. 

A core challenge is the lack of curriculum materials that reflect the dramatic changes in this vision. Traditional textbooks, lesson plans, and units are not up to the challenge. Districts, schools, and teachers are finding they need to find, adapt, or create new curriculum materials to support this 3D approach to science learning. 

To help meet this challenge, the Next Generation Science Storylines project is dedicated to providing tools that support teachers in developing, adapting, and teaching with strongly aligned NGSS materials in classrooms around the country.


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Find out about an approach to three-dimensional learning that emphasizes making science learning all about investigations grounded in students' own questions. View the sample story lines and lesson plans.

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Check out the guidance for the steps of designing a coherent NGSS aligned storyline. Explore unpacking, identifying phenomena, and sequencing investigations to help students build science ideas, step by step.

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